About our courses

20|20 Project Management Online (I-Knowledge) is the online learning system designed and delivered by 20|20 Business Insight. Here you will find online Project Management training courses that use cutting-edge design to give you the most interactive learning experience possible and to set you up for various levels of Project Management qualifications. You can study both the APM’s and the PMI’s methodology through our range of online courses.

Corporate Solutions

The 20|20 Project Management Online system can be delivered as an full Corporate Solution with access either to 20|20’s LMS or your organization’s SCORM-compliant LMS. To learn more about the suitability of this system as a Corporate Solution, follow the link.

True online learning – not just text saved as html…

The 20|20 on-line system has been developed using gamification and true e-learning best-practices. It is not simply course content pasted into html as text. It is media-rich and full of engaging activities to fully bring the learner on the most effective journey to knowledge as possible. There are questionnaires, games, challenges, multi-choice, audio packages and so much more to make this the cutting-edge, game-changing system that it is. Your learners will be getting the very best on-line learning experience possible in the Project Management market.

Flexible and appropriate

20|20’s PMI on-line learning allows learners to study the entire PMI Body of Knowledge. It can be used in packages suitable for CAPM and PMP qualifications or it can be used to study topic-specific modules in isolation.

Organizations have different needs for knowledge and learning in different parts and at different layers. 20|20’s unique Corporate Solution package gives you all of the options that you need to deliver appropriate on-line training to project teams across the world.

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