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General Information

Each of the Courses are made of various Modules. Every single unit of the modules is exemplifying a chapter of the Latest Addition of the Association of Project Management’s (APM) Body of Knowledge (BoK) or the PMI Body of Knowledge® – (PMBOK).

Elearning Modules are very logically organized to follow in the suggested sequnence but Learners can start or switch to any unit in a module from the Main Menu.

The main menu also encompasses of the following for Learners:

  • Clear Map of Course and its numerous features are clearly  course guide and numerous useful features.
  • To Cater Best Elearning experience in order to exemplify the various BoK chapters,  they are not presented in the identical orders as per the BoK itself. Despite of this, Learners can quickly navigate through and determine which module corresponds to which Chapter as covered in the BoK Map. Clicking on a specific unit title will highlight APM definition of the topic as detailed in the BoK. This BoK Map is accessible in the entire  course.
  • There is a seperate section to provide Additional Supplementary Material to boost the Main Learning. Community of Practice presenets the same, in which the Members contribute Resources and are available to All. Resources can also be downloaded in PDF format or accessed online.

An Engineering Consulting and construction organisation called Smith Jackson Brown (SJB) is referred as Projectized Organization. Story prescribes Dominic, who is assigned a first Project and is guided through the entire Project by his programme manager, Alan and few more Colleagues.

Dominic has to execute Project Named “contract capability feasibility study”, Allan is a Business Improvement Programme Manager. Dominic undergoes the Project Management Life Cycle, and all processes for the same, his basic skills in the areas of communication, negotiation etc alongwith his Project Management Skills are testified. He comes across and learns a lot of things from Various Stakeholders and Project Team Members.

A unite heading continuously available throughout the course helps learner to connect with the Chapter and related material for the chapter . The learner can also:

  • Begin the current unit from the beginning at any point of time
  • Navigate back to previous screen
  • Return to Home Menu
  • access the Bok Map
  • Switch directly to the next unit in the module

Numerous formative assessments in different ways such as quizzes or decision-based questions, True or False and many more pops up after every 5  to 10 pages of learning  throughout the course. This assists learners to grasp and also brainstorm various concepts.

Narrative and many of these assessments are based in realism. Elearning empowers the learning to be attained in a very flexible manner and also it can be repeated numerous times to strengthen base and understanding. This is very essential to learn the application of the Project Management in Real Life. A lot of Fun and Gaming Elements are used like,

  • Quirky scenarios like Fitness of Individual Corresponds to the Life Cycle
  • Game show-style quizzes
  • Parodies of well-known concepts, learning experience of Business Case through “Dragon’s Den” style characters to secure funding for a project
  • Day to Day and Practical real life analogies to explain project concepts to learners.
  • Animation
  • Talking heads videos  etc

Dominic shows his proactiveness of Learning by reading ebooks, listening to podcasts and attending learning events, which promotes best practices of Continuing Professional Development activity.

During the entire APM course, a P3 button appears at various points to provide supplementary information from a Programme or Portfolio Perspective:

Upon completion of each Module, a summative multiple choice assessment gives a very good assessment of your own learning. Companies having LMS(Learning Managment System) or hiring our LMS can get a proper Tracking of the course undergone by each and every learner of the organization. For the Candidates attending follow-up face-to-face workshop, the trainer can use the information of the performance of the Candidates and help them improve their concepts.

This Elearning Course can be accessed on any PC, McBook, or on a tablet device, such as an iPad.  “Articulate” app is required for Apple devices.

We have customized this course to any organization suiting their requirement and even required their examples to make the learning more relevant and help learner use the course for the better management of the Projects for their organization.